The winterscapes and Pines

By TheArtSherpa, 2016-11-29
The winterscapes and Pines

Here are the Links and Info for those Fun winter scapes including the reference photo :)

Snowscape dreamstime_xxl_45021281.jpg




BRUSH Questions HERE

By TheArtSherpa, 2016-11-29
BRUSH Questions  HERE

ASK your Brush Questions here. Any burning brush questions. It's a Brush omnibus. We want to know what you want to know. We plan to make a video and a FAQ for our community so this art things gets easier and easier. 

Starry Night WOW The Two Towers   win the painting :) Play and Paint

Enjoy the new Play and Paint World of Warcraft the Starry Night Undercity the Two Towers. 

Win the Painting Rules 

Contest Opens at time of post through December 1st 10am CST 

Leave a comment in this thread of why you would like to Win the Painting from today's Play and Paint.  You must leave a comment to be entered. One Entry per person. 

Winner will be selected by random comment selector. 

Winner will be contacted by email. 

Winner has 72 hours to respond to winning email. If they do not respond a new winner will be selected 

Winner will be announced after we get a confirmed winner. 

Contest is open to wherever UPS will ship too. We cover initial postage  We are not responsible for extra fee's or duty incurred in mail . Tracking will be on packages. We are not responsible for the speed of global mail or if they lose the painting. 

Is CADMIUM safe for your Art Pallet?

By TheArtSherpa, 2016-11-18
Is CADMIUM safe for your Art Pallet?


This may SHOCK YOU but STUDENT PAINT has NO CADMIUM and is much Cheaper. $$$

REAL Cadmium is NOT PERMEABLE into the SKIN BUT people with Metal Allergies can have a reaction.

The main sources for poisoning are through industrial exposure, contaminated foods and Especially smoking.

NOT artist paints and below we can look at why. Still don't eat your paint please. 

"Cadmium pigments:

In the hundred years since their first manufacture, cadmium pigments now have a VERY LOW LEVEL of bioavailable cadmium metal in their chemical composition.

Today many painters consider Cadmium Dangerous and Toxic. This is partly due to word of mouth and the internet having old information surfacing as new. IF Cadmium paints were made from Cadmium metals they would be dangerous BUT they are made from Cadmium compounded with Sulfur. This and sulfur and Selenium for red formula's.  American paint manufacturers 

 of cadmium pigments have developed production systems that yield cadmium pigments that are relatively insoluble in the human digestive system.

" They have been so successful that Gamblin Cadmium oil colors DO NOT REQUIRE an ASTM health-warning label for ingestion.  Cadmium pigments contained about 1000 part sper million (PPM) bio available cadmium. Now cadmium pigments that I choose to make Gamblin Artists Colors contain only about 5 PPM cadmium that can be absorbed through ingestion. “

CadMIuM PIGMents

  • THe most important of these is the range of yellow, orange and red pigments based on cadmium, which is a toxic heavy metal and is regarded by the California regulators as a possible carcinogen.

  • Modern cadmium pigments use a coating technology which “locks in” the harmful pigment particles, and renders them relatively inert and harmless.

  • ACMI, the regulator which sets the rules for warning labels on artists paint has rated cadmium colours “AP non-toxic” because of the coating.

  • A sensible person might decide to use cadmium colours a bit more carefully than the other colours marked “non-toxic”. How would you keep them out of your body, just to be on the safe side?

  • Cadmium is a cumulative poison which cannot penetrate the skin, is probably not absorbed by eating it, because of the coating as it passes through, but in the lungs it would remain for a long time, and the coating could break down, so if you really want to spray it, why not wear the recommended mask?

  • While it does not penetrate the skin, paintY FINGERS on cigarettes can transfer pigment to the cigarette, which explodes the cadmium as you smoke: this is the most obviously dangerous entry point to your body. “

liquitex on Cadmium .png

I am hoping to give you more information as to how and Where Cadmium poisoning can occur. The primary places that people get dangerous levels of Cadmium are Cigarettes. Smoking is very Dangerous. Cadmium in Cigarette Smoke A single cigarette typically contains 1-2 mcg of cadmium. When burned, cadmium is present at a level of 1,000-3,000 ppb in the smoke. Approximately 40 to 60 percent of the cadmium inhaled from cigarette smoke is able to pass through the lungs and into the body. This means that for each pack of cigarettes smoked, a person can absorb an additional 1-3 mcg of cadmium over what is taken in from other sources in their daily life.People who work in certain high-risk occupations may face an increased risk of cadmium exposure. This would include people who work with: Soldering and Welding.Industrial products for construction. People working in industrial or construction trades Sanding paintings or manufacturing paint. ( oil artists will often make their own paint and the pigments come in powdered form)Airbrush Artists: Use NIOSH dust respiratorArtist who sand art work: NIOSH dust respiratorIn Regards to paint Safety ( ). European brands sometimes carry health warning labels if the Cadmium pigmentsused come from a factory that cannot meet these standards.Cadmium pigments remain hazardous if they are inhaled. I recommend you useNIOSH dust respirator if you sand surfaces made with a high percentage ofCadmium colors. Inhalation exposure can also occur while making paint by hand grinding cadmium colors. But there is no dust or fumes that come off paints from the tube.

One point Perspective and Basic terms used in Perspective BIG ART QUEST

Perspective is a set of tools artist use to create the illusion of Depth and Space in art. The illusion of 3 dimensional objects on a 2 dimensional surface . 

Linear Perspective

Using lines that Converged at a vanish point on the horizon  to show Size, shape and position of objects in art.

Atmospheric Perspective

Artist tools for creating depth and distance in a Painting By Tone, Hue, and sharpness. Using depth of colors and contrast to push objects to the distance or place them in the foreground. 

ZERO point perspective

A non linear Natural Scene often without parallel lines. Like a mountain range 

Vanish point

the point at which receding parallel lines viewed in perspective appear to converge.

The horizon line

A horizontal line across the picture. It is always at eye level - Where it is shows where we are looking from high or low 

One point perspective  

Art drawing skill where objects are converging to a single Vanishing Point 

two–point perspective.

A linear perspective in which parallel lines along the width and depth of an object are represented as meeting at two separate points on the horizon 

three–point perspective.

linear perspective in which parallel lines along the width of an object meet at two separate points on the horizon and vertical lines on the object meet at a point on the perpendicular bisector of the horizon line.


You ARE AMAZING , Bogs Videos - Jack and Sally


So everyday you write me letters and say thank you. You share you stories and art with me. I see Video and Blogs. Every time I think you are amazing. You make it easy to work this hard. This Blog is about some of your Awesome 

WE have a video montage of some viewer art From Jack And Sally painting Video 

Did you also know I see your Tribute Video's? I do and it is so so much fun. thank you Youtubers 

Have you seen Timothy Charles? He has a very handy how to Channel that does Wood Working. He also does paint nite date nights with his wife. 

Halloweenville is one of our own! Joshua is a delight for our community but he also is a fun Youtuber. I love his projects and positivity. 

We also have Bloggers who share their Art journey wth the World. THANK YOU so much 

Drawing and painting with Maria

Stephanie B Creative Designs

My Artist Journey  

Cut out the Competitive in painting  and Create compassion

Sometimes you will find people BEING competitive with you in your Art Journey. It is a bummer and is poison to your creative process. You may even find yourself feeling competitive from time to time. "She is Better then me" or " He has Real Talent " Can take root in your head. Rent space in your studio and it sucks. Sometimes your friends in family will enter you in a competition without your permission. Have you ever shown someone a painting and been regaled  with stories of a Real artist with tons of Talent that person knew.  Leaving you feeling less then worthy.

Bugged 5112014.jpg

There are times when you will be beset by a rivalry uninvited into your happy little art journey. It is an uncomfortable space and can drain your true purpose which is to perfect your own creative space. NOT to define theirs. These intruding rivals can be friends, family members and envious bystanders who see your light and think they have to steal it to unburden their darkness. Total bummer and also at the end of the day utterly pointless. 

Art at its core is the act of being yourself. To listen to your inner voice and embrace how you see the world. Its about being centered in yourself not self centered. When a person actively tries to push you over with negativity while you are finding your balance it can feel SUPER destructive and upsetting. If you are new artist you can really take a tumble which is why its great to have a safe space to share while you get firm footing. Its why we have TWO GLOWS AND A GROW  here instead of critiques. You generally are very clear of what you did wrong. What you really need to see is what you did great and what you almost nearly have. Little steps that build on each other to a life long art journey happens.

Its important to find your mission statement as you create. The why of YOU. Why am I painting? Is it to heal and find Relief? Is it to relax and enjoy yourself? Is it to put a voice to a life of silence? Is it to tap into a creative side you felt you lost along the way? To get to know yourself better? To make the world more beautiful? To create images that bring Joy? To painting that make people think? Find your mission statement and stick to it. Hold it close and keep at with you always. 

When a Negative or competitive person comes into your life ask yourself. WHAT Does this have to do with my Creative mission? Does this person know that they are being this way? Sometimes people just have oppositional opinions without any conscious thought to them. Thats just how they create drama in their life. BUT YOU want to keep all that drama to your canvas not in your life. Some people are just poison and they need someone to loose so they can feel like a winner. They cant turn their own light on so they feel if they steal your bulb to light the empty space. Either way you cant do anything about this. Not your wounds to heal. You will never Loose enough to make them winners. Never be belittled enough to make them interesting. All you can do is art. Art on my friends ART ON.

You can get past this but its a Two step process. Hit that block - delete - mute  button for the haters in your heart so you can art. If the negativity is a loved one just edit what you share. If they love you they will find a way to be supportive in time.  If the darkness is a bulb stealer Cut them out entirely. Scrape them off your shoe and walk away. If they have wounded you creatively it make take you a while to let it go. BUT let it go you must. Art on and on and on.  You can move past them one painting at a time. 

Then turn up the volume on the people who cheer you on. They are likely there and you just need to tune into that positivity. Follow the love. The supporters of your creative Journey. Find those gems and make them the focus of your mind and time. Show them your art and let them in. They are the gardeners of your art Journey. Shine light on them and let them shine on you. Finding the people who see what is great in your painting will do so much for early growth and give you the safe space to become your creative mission Statement. BE the dream. 

Also be the light and support you want to see in your world. Like the paintings of others. Lift up and praise those sharing the road with you. Be a light keeper. Embrace your light, their light  and all the light and you will find yourself part of a sun. 

No one will ever be You as much as you. You are the very best at it. I hope that here people will feel the safe haven to just discover their creative mission and embrace it. 


LIVE Learn to Paint the Lips from the Rocky Horror Picture Show

How to paint Realistic LIPS acrylic painting tutorial for BEGINNERS. Simple and fully guided LIVE with A no Draw Option. I know realism can seem overwhelming to the new artist. What might surprise you is that painting realistically is perhaps easier then you think. 

I am looking forward to sharing how easy this painting project can be. Much more simple then you might think. The materials are also incredible forgiving. Sometimes in a painting it is so important to have the exact color your art instructor calls for. You may have noticed this in between phthalo blue and ultramarine blue. However you can get this effect with and Black , Red and White paint you have. You lips may be warm or cool in tone but the effect will be there. I chose a Crimson for this project because I was looking to create a Darker Closer to blood red. However your red may be more to the warm fire. In the end the big take away from this will be the teeth and reflections.

YES for this tutorial we will be with the music you are hoping for. In the end we decided that monetization is great but for the experience  of our community we need to be able to celebrate. Sometimes a higher calling like fandom must be answered. 

Enjoy the Preview of this amazing LIVE Free Home Video Painting Party for the realistic Lips in the Original Rocky Horror Picture Show!!!! 

The Home Paint Nite

By TheArtSherpa, 2016-10-18
The Home Paint Nite

A great Fall / autumn landscape Step by Step Acrylic Painting on Canvas for Beginners. Easy Canvas painting Ideas that are FUN and Beautiful for the whole family. All the fun of a Painting Party from the comfort of your own home. That is the dream. This amazing painting movement Sweeping the country  is taking people by storm. Really I think it is inspiring their imaginations. 

There is a Social aspect to the sip and paint I think matters very deeply to all who go. Social arting if you will. BUT of course that is not sustainable on a daily basis. You need to paint and create might be daily thought. Art for healing and relaxation is a powerful tool. By being able to paint at home you can overcome so many barriers. Physical, financial and even emotional.

Silly Paint along with Kraken and Gnome

Fun easy paintings , Great food, your favorite Chair can make a Home party YOUR perfect party. The freedom to stay in your Pajama's and paint it your way. I love seeing your home studios and your creative spaces. Its important to make your Creative space your space. Play the music you like, Eat the foods that comfort, and relax while you rediscover your creative drive again. However What about the Social aspect of your journey? Some ideas over the last couple years the have been shared with me are.

#1Families painting together using Art Sherpa Free youtube painting and Skype. They all watch the same youtube tutorial and paint together VIRTUALLY with me who is their virtual instructor.  It is a great way for loved ones separated by distance to stay in touch and feel deeply connected. I know military families love this option. 

#2 The friends and Family home party. Get the Google Chrome Caste. Fun plastic table clothe and cater the food. This is wonderful as it allows Everyone to come together and create memories that hang on the way. A window to a wonderful night. Themes and even team shirts have been done. 

#3 The hospital Digital paint. Hospitals can be a home painting party too. Digital painting tools are amazing and YES you can paint along to An Art sherpa Painting tutorial with a Digital Brush. I love when I see people doing this as I know from an extended medical event with my mom how hard the healing journey can be. Its great to read how people are making the best of the bad. they even come to live events and visit with their friends online during a live painting class. 

How are you painting with me? Do you have and unexpected what you paint with the Art Sherpa? I would love to hear about that.


Free Paint Night A time of Rainy City Streets

Abstract City in the Rain created in Pallet Knife for a Free home Painting Party . One of the Trends I often think I should design to is Rain. This has been an interesting thing that has gone on in a very unexpected way and I believe inspired new art we can all enjoy. I am always looking to give you something exciting, challenging but still easy to paint at a beginner space. These Abstract Cities in Pallet knife are perfect for free acrylic tutorials on youtube. The Painting Party art movement has created some really unexpected design space for artists I wonder if we really understand fully.  In the past I have done daily paintings but now find myself doing 2 and even 3 designs on some days. 

Paint Nite at home allows for some really fun options I did not have when I was teaching at Sip and Paints. Simple knives and colors make this a great beginner painting anyone can do. A small diamond knife and compound angle  knife make quick work of this easy painting. 

jr500881.jpg  70F77A847993B29105890F6BB853D5A3.jpg

A small thought on knives. YES you can use the plastic knives but just like brushes quality will impact your experience. Metal gives us a sharp edge that makes easy work of lines and Edges. Also loading for the stroke is easy. Pallet knives should always be loaded on the side that the stroke will be travel. Stroking right load your bead on the right side. Stroking left Load your bead on the left side. 

Pallet knife paintings can use a lot of paint. Here are some tips and tricks to keep the cost at a minimum and get the best result. If you are using a basic paint - ( artist loft or Basics ) the paint does not hold body very well. If you are using a pro paint ( Golden Artist colors, Liquitex heavy body, Matisse Derivan) You may want to extend the paint to reduce cost. Both of these challenges can be fixed by using a Matte Gel Medium as an extender. You just mix a bit of your paint into the gel half and half. That way you can go twice as far with what you have. Also if you have a deflating paint like Liquitex basics or Artist Loft it will help hold the body of the stroke ( impasto). 

Can a beginner use a pallet knife? I get asked this a lot and the answer is of course YES!!! Yes you can. You must relax in the looseness of the style and let go of perfectionism. However I think we must all let go of perfectionism a little bit. Though I do think a balanced sense of perfection can be a beautiful trait in an artist. No hard and fat answers in art just a long road of self evaluation and Discovery. I wonder if the Paint Night movement had any idea of the creative art renaissance they were creating when they started. How did you find your Way into art? What started you on this Journey.

Art love as Always

The Art Sherpa  

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