Exciting Times

By shannon.tripp, 2017-02-05

Finishing my first acrylic painting ever was a tremendous blast. But finishing my second, well, even though it wasn't as easy as the first painting, it still left me with a feeling of more. Mostly wishing I had more things like time and money so I could paint or write more. 

Extending thanks and wishes to the Art Sherpa for making tutorial  videos that are easy to follow.

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How to make your ATC Heart on Fire

By TheArtSherpa, 2017-02-05
How to make your ATC Heart on Fire

So we started our Art conversation about Artist Trading cards. Are you ready to swap? Get your little painting on?

Here is some info and of course your reference photo. heart on fire .jpg  

Learn about how make Artist Trading Cards !! Artist trading cards are part of the amazing world of Small format art. They Can be any media and a great way to collect art. Sometimes Called ATC's and if for sale ACEO's. This type of fun art has few Rules and lots of benefits to its creators. I will talk about methods, demo and ATC and even invite you into the exciting world of Swaps.
Materials and links and amazon affiliate Links below
Blank cards :
Ultra Pro 3" X 4" Super Clear Premium Toploader 25ct:
Magnifier Jewelry Visor Opitcal Glass Binocular Magnifie:
Strathmore Artist Trading Cards 2 1/2 in. x 3 1/2 in. 400 series Acrylic Pack 10 cards:
Strathmore Artist Trading Cards 2 1/2 in. x 3 1/2 in. Assorted Pack 12 cards:
Strathmore Art Trading Card Frame :

ATC artist Trading cards~ for trade
Art Cards, Editions and Originals" (ACEOs)~ for sale
To join
Contact Alan Smith is running the this months community run Sherpette Swap run
I am very excited to announce the February Sherpa ATC Swap! Now that we have one month under our belt, many of us are feeling a little more confident as to how the ATC swap works. For any Sherpettes who are new to the ATC Swap, ATC’s can be a wonderful opportunity for artists to refine their skills by painting in miniature, experiment with different artistic mediums, find inspiration in the artwork friends have sent you, and uplift the spirit of other art friends by providing a bright spot in their day when an ATC is discovered in the mail.


As always, each ATC should be a handmade (not printed from a computer) piece of art and follow a few simple rules:

1. The dimensions must be 2.5 by 3.5 inches (so they fit in baseball card sleeves)
2. Must be done on cardstock or slightly harder (some use rice/cereal boxes)
3. Include your ARTSHERPA.COM NAME and MONTH/YEAR OF THE SWAP on the back of the ATC (for thank you’s)
4. Most Importantly ... HAVE FUN!

***The Sherpette ATC  is currently a community run artist trading card swap, The ART Sherpa and her team are not responsible for the ATC swaps, please send any questions or concerns regarding the sherpette Artist Trading Card Swap to Alan Smith at

Keep art in your heart,
Alan Smith - See more at: *********

heart thumb .jpeg

Nothing Is Wasted

By DonnaF, 2017-01-18
Nothing Is Wasted

As with everything in life, we all love a great success. Why not? Like a cosmic pat on the back, it validates what we are doing... we feel satisfied in the accomplishment. We don't look at the investment of material, time, and effort in our successes and say "Wow - what a waste! I should have spent the money on something else. I should have done this that or the other thing." We warmly welcome this success and feel satisfied in the accomplishment. Often, if we are really lucky, we feel motivated to do it all again and hopefully kick it up a notch!

Mistakes, on the other hand, don't get the same warm embrace.

Mistakes get the stink eye. The middle finger. The string of curse words followed by tears, even. 

The way I see it, mistakes get a bum rap, because I am one of those folks who believes nothing is wasted - ever - if we are able to maintain the soul of a student at all times.

I've heard people say that they are afraid to begin a project, or even play with materials, because they don't want to waste the ink/paint/etc. They aren't confident they will achieve their goal on the first try and the thought of starting over is so painful to their sense of frugality that they will not even begin.

But, I know a secret: The best teacher we could ever employ is risk. The only way we will ever know what a certain color or movement or medium will do is if we use it. We can learn a lot from taking classes, watching tutorials, reading books, and talking to other artists. These things are invaluable to us on our quest to create, but the only way we can really create something new is by trying something we have never done before. 

Nothing is wasted, my friends, even if we wash it off, paint over it, or throw it away. 

The tree you see here ( Autumn Tree take 2 ) was painted with alcohol ink on ceramic tile, and probably more than half of the materials I used to paint it are laying in the trash can, soaked into paper towels used to wipe the first effort clean. The trunk was "off" at first, and the more I worked it, the wider it became as the ink did its thing and flowed a bit beyond my control. I knew no tree that wide could ever be that short, and it made me laugh out loud, but I kept going. The leaf covered grass was not to my liking - it appeared very juvenile and out of perspective. Nothing fit. But I kept playing and working the ink. At the end of the day I poured alcohol on the whole thing and wiped it all away, tossing the paper towels into the trash. 

The next morning I awoke to a fresh new tile and a lot of information gathered from the day before. All of what I learned went into this tree, and everything I learned from this tree will go into my next tree, and so on and so on. 

Nothing is wasted unless we refuse to risk and play. In that case, our artistic potential never sprouts wings and flies.

What do you want to create? Go for it! Be brave!

Youtube Guest Star!

By mruki, 2017-01-17

I don't think I can contain my excitement over this ; ) My dear friend has been working to establish her own art channel on YouTube under Lynn LovelessArt . So far she has some great time lapses with ink as well as other videos such as challenges and unboxings. 

Recently I have been helping her edit and/or record some of her videos. Not only that, she invited me to take on one of the challenges she completed to add to her channel as well. So I did and I have to say it was great fun as well to do as well as share - it is now live!  

I have also helped her out with a tutorial video on acrylic pouring techniques which is also live. 

Overall it's made me want to work on my own channel but for now I think I'm happy with crashing the party every once and a while. 


By Crystal Stevens, 2017-01-14

I haven't ever really shown my paintings to anyone other than of course you guys, my family and close friends. I have always wondered what other people would think about my paintings. Well tonight I found out... My parents asked me to paint something for their church auction, I was super nervous to see what people thought. My painting started at $10 and sold for $5. Yes it went down! I bought my own painting. I was horrified that no one bid on my painting. I am just shaken by this. I thought at least someone else would bid. I won't do that again and I am not sure if I will paint and show anyone again. 

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Ball Room Girl Dress Give-away winner!

By StuntHands, 2017-01-07
Ball Room Girl Dress Give-away winner!

We wanted to say congratulations to the winner of the Ball Room Girls painting! @rebeccainspired  was our winner! She loved the the kraken dress the best, now she can enjoy them all! Thanks to everyone who participated in this, we had so much fun we plan on doing this again very soon!

~~Click here to get THIS image on a MUG~~

Am I an artist or am I not? That is the question.

By Crystal Stevens, 2017-01-06

WOW a blog...a blog of my very own! Now what to write??? Funny I have always wanted to blog and thought I had all these amazing view points and PROFOUND things to say.  HA HA that is so funny because at this moment I can't think of a single thing to say. My mind is racing with all these things to write about. 

When people see my paintings and they tell me how great they are or how far I have come. I feel like a fraud! I want to scream this wasn't my idea this is all the art sherpa. I haven't posted a lot on social media because of that reason. I don't want anyone telling me that I am a fake and I have no talent. I have learned so much from the art sherpa and I want to spread my wings but I am like that kid with training wheels begging my mom not to let go. I am just not sure that I can do it. I know sherpa says tracing isn't cheating but I still sometimes feel like if people knew that I traced something they would think differently about me and my paintings. I start a drawing class Monday at a university, part of the degree I am going for. I read the first chapter in the textbook, I felt like my a zombie ate my brain because I didn't have a clue what it was saying. I am also taking Trigonometry, why do I feel like Trig will be easier for me (I should say there's times I can barely add:) ) I found out today that I have to share my drawings...nervous and full of doubt. 

The other day I was at Hobby Lobby picking up some paint and some lady out of the blue asked me if I was an artist and I said no. Anytime someone has asked me that question I have said yes. Sometimes they didn't even have to ask I would just volunteer the information. When I told my mom about the lady at Hobby Lobby she asked me why I lied...

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A Place To Land - Meet Michelle Martin, Mandala Artist

I've been very interested in the way art can heal and so I have started a new blog called "A Place to Land." This month was my first interview and I'm really excited to share the thoughts and work of Michelle Martin, a wonderful Mandala Artist who creates hand drawn and painted mandalas on a variety of surfaces! 

Click here to go to the interview: Meet Michelle Martin, Mandala Artist

Celebrating girls

By, 2016-12-30
Celebrating girls

This is a work in progress. Inspired by Cinnamon's live event today. 

Ballroom Dress Give-away @ 1pm Central

By TheArtSherpa, 2016-12-30
Ballroom Dress Give-away @ 1pm Central

To Enter: Leave a comment below of your favorite Dress from the Ballroom Giveaway.

Check rules and guidelines as some restrictions apply. 

This is not sponsored or affiliated with Facebook in anyway. This is an Art Sherpa Giveaway
The official Rules:
The painting completed during the LIVE event on facebook will be given away to one lucky winner. Winner will be notified and must respond with confirmation within 48 hours of notification if the win. If they do not respond another winner will be selected. 
Contest is open  Contiguous United States  residents ages 18+ 
Entry Dates are Dec 30th 12pm noon 2016 to Jan 2nd 12pm noon 2017 CST.  
Winner will be selected randomly. 

To members of our global art community we will be sure and have another giveaway that is open outside of the USA soon. We had shipping limitations this time but hope to do more give-aways to our peeps globally too so keep watching for future events 

To learn how to paint your Own Ball Gown 

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